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Objective: To become a more efficient and talented Game Designer and Gameplay Programmer while exploring all aspects of game creation and development


Since the age of 12 I have had a keen interest in the production, making and playing of video games. Even then, I wondered what it would be like to not just play them, but actually be a part of creating them. The road of curiosity and exploration brought me to California and got me into the Academy of Art University for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design.

At AAU, I learnt the fundamentals of making a game; focusing on modeling and texturing. I focused on Hard Surface Modeling and Level Design. I also have a keen interest in gameplay and AI programming. This skill set allows me to rapidly prototype on game ideas on my own. My curiosity and drive to strengthen my programming skills got me into Rochester Institute of Technology for Masters in Science in Game Design and Development. It gave me opportunities to work on projects with other developers that allowed me to further delve into C++, C# and XML. I am beginning to love the intricacies of the languages and am experimenting with different ideas to make my code fast and efficient. I am excited to continue honing and refining my skills. I look forward to the opportunity to put these skills to use.

Occasionally, I also love to draw. My favorite medium is charcoal for the simple fact that I find it easy to use even though it’s a messy business. Along with charcoal drawings, I like to use my canon to take photos which inspire and move me. It gives me an opportunity show a different perspective and reminisce at the moments passed.