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Anaglyph is a local co-operative puzzle game.


As a programmer on the team, I created the player movements based on a grid system. I also used raycast to avoid collisions with the walls. Along with it I was also responsible for game mechanics such as lasers, teleports and conveyor belts.



Player Movement



(This version of movement wasn’t used in the final version of the game as it was making the game very easy)




Anaglyph was made at the NYU location for Global Game Jam 2014. It was nominated for Best Game Design.


Maze Set Up

Maze Set Up

Each of the players wear custom Anaglyph glasses. The standard glasses have both red and cyan lenses but our custom glasses have either red or either cyan lenses.


The mazes are designed in such a way so that the players cannot see their own maze but can see the maze of the other player. The players need to go through obstacles, collect a key along the way and get to the exit before the time runs out. This necessitates communication among the players in order to win the game.


(Need Anaglyph glasses to see the mazes)



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