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01 Jun

The Pyramid – UT4

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The Pyramid is a Deathmatch Map created for Unreal Tournament 4


I designed this level as a fast paced deathmatch mode. There are three distinct buildings where most of the action occurs. A circular building with a dome top, a rectangular building and another one which combines a rectangle and a semi-circle with a pyramid shaped top (the one with the light on top). Each building has 2 – 3 vertical elevations to explore and are interconnected through short narrow hallways.


I mostly used Unreal Tournament Editor’s default meshes and textures in this scene. I did change the materials to get the look that I wanted along with modifying  some of the meshes to fit my structures. The big structures were put together quickly in Maya and UVed appropriately to utilize the textures available within Unreal Tournament Editor.


The map includes most of the weapons commonly used in Unreal Tournament. It also includes the Redeemer but it is hidden from plain sight in a small room that is separate from all the buildings. To get to this room, a player needs to step outside the buildings and traverse a small but open pathway. It a big risk, big reward situation. Players also require the jump boots to grab the Redeemer that is located on top of a tall structure.


Redeemer Room

Redeemer Room

You will be able to play this map with other players from the Unreal Tournament lobby very soon. I have the server hosted on Amazon Cloud and am making final tweaks in terms of restarting the level or changing to a next level and some visual changes as well.



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